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We study the causal effect of school curricula on students' political attitudes, exploiting a major textbook reform in China between 2004 and 2010. The sharp, staggered introduction of the new curriculum across provinces allows us to identify its causal effects. We examine government documents articulating desired consequences of the reform, and identify(More)
Ground concentration of ozone (O3) causes serious threat to plants. In order to protect sensitive plants from O3 pollution, many kinds of antioxidants were assessed in previous studies. In this study, effects of O3 fumigation (a single spike of 120 ± 20 nmol mol–1 for four hours) on an ornamental species (Coleus blumei) was examined in open-top chambers.(More)
The aim of the present study was to express the recombinant Chlamydophila pneumoniae (C. pneumoniae) protein, Cpn 0810, in Escherichia coli (E. coli) BL21, and investigate the effects of Cpn 0810 on inflammatory and apoptotic processes in human monocytic (THP-1) cells. An ELISA was performed to detect the levels of the proinflamma-tory cytokines, tumor(More)
For given graphs G and H; the Ramsey number R(G;H) is the least natural number n such that for every graph F of order n the following condition holds: either F contains G or the complement of F contains H. In this paper firstly, we determine Ramsey number for union of paths with respect to sunflower graphs, For m ≥ 3, the sunflower graph SF m is a graph on(More)
Ozone (O3) is important air pollutant inducing severe losses of horticultural production. Cultivars of the same species, but with different leaf colors, may differ in their ozone sensitivity. However, it has not been clarified yet if different leaf coloration influences such a sensitivity. In this study, two purple-leafed and two green-leafed cultivars of(More)
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