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This paper's findings suggest that an arbitrary Chinese policy that greatly increases total suspended particulates (TSPs) air pollution is causing the 500 million residents of Northern China to lose more than 2.5 billion life years of life expectancy. The quasi-experimental empirical approach is based on China's Huai River policy, which provided free winter(More)
This paper, using a difference-in-differences method, tries to quantify the long-term effects of China's 1959-1961 famine on the health and economic status of the survivors. We find that the great famine caused serious health and economic consequences for the survivors, especially for those in early childhood during the famine. Our estimates show that on(More)
Using the 2006 China Agricultural Census (CAC), we examine whether the introduction of the New Cooperative Medical System (NCMS) has affected child mortality, maternal mortality, and school enrollment of 6-16year olds. Our data cover 5.9 million people living in eight low-income rural counties, of which four adopted the NCMS by 2006 and four did not adopt(More)
We report results from a randomized natural …eld experiment conducted in a restaurant dining setting to distinguish the observational learning e¤ect from the saliency e¤ect. We …nd that, when customers are given ranking information of the …ve most popular dishes, the demand for those dishes increases by 13 to 20 percent. We do not …nd a signi…cant saliency(More)
In this paper, we examine the effect of maternal education on the health of young children by using a large sample of adopted children from China. As adopted children are genetically unrelated to the nurturing parents, the educational effect on them is most likely to be the nurturing effect. We find that the mother's education is an important determinant of(More)
How does access to formal microinsurance affect economic development? We report results from a large randomized natural field experiment conducted in southwestern China in the context of insurance for sows. We find that providing access to formal insurance significantly increases farmers' tendency to raise sows. We argue that this finding also suggests that(More)
This paper highlights the role of social networks in the internal migration of China. With over 130 million rural labors migrating to the city each year, China is experiencing the largest internal migration in the human history. Using the 2006 China Agricultural Census, we show that individual migration decision is not only dependent on individual(More)
This study was carried out to better understand the role of 24-epibrassinolide (EBR) in thermotolerance of melon (Cucumis melo L.). The melon seedlings were pretreated with various concentrations of EBR (0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 mg dm−3) as foliar spray and then exposed to a high temperature (HT) stress. Exogenous EBR (0.5–1.5 mg dm−3) alleviated(More)
Temozolomide (TMZ) is a standard agent used in the treatment of various types of cancers, including lung carcinoma, but TMZ resistance is common and accounts for many treatment failures. We investigated miRNA-487b-5p (miR-487b-5p) was highly expressed in A549 and H1299 cells which acquired TMZ resistance. Suppression of miR-487b-5p had overt effects on(More)