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We use a small positive parameter to change the total-variation function for unconstrained MR image reconstruction to a strictly convex perturbed function. Bregman iteration is applied to solve the modified total-variation MR image (TVMRI) reconstruction problem. A lagged diffusivity fixed-point algorithm is applied to solve the minimization problem in the(More)
A new approximation of the Mumford-Shah model is proposed for edge detection, which could handle open-ended curves and closed curves as well. The essential idea is to treat the curves by narrow regions, and use a sharp interface technique to solve the approximate Mumford-Shah model. A fast algorithm based on the augmented Lagrangian method is developed.(More)
High-performance industrial drives typically do not simultaneously minimize machine losses and achieve fast transient torque dynamics. This paper introduces a deadbeat-direct torque and flux control algorithm that achieves decoupled control of air gap torque and stator flux linkage using an inverse machine model. The stator flux linkage serves as a separate(More)