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Development of a highly sensitive lateral immunochromatographic assay for rapid detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
In conclusion, the homemade type II LFA is a very promising testing device for rapid and convenient detection of V. parahaemolyticus infection not only in aquatic animals, but also in human diarrheal patients.
Analysis of the impact of antimicrobial management and rational use of antibiotics
Scientific management can promote the rational use of antibiotics, reduce the expense of drug use and slow the development of drug resistance, but the prescription of antibiotics needs to be optimised to improve the level of drug treatment.
Chiral Resolution and Content Determination of Ketorolac Tromethamine Using High-performance Liquid Chromatography
Establishing R, S-enantiomer (S-KT and R-KT) chiral resolution and determination methods for KT are of great significance. This study aimed to establish a high-performance liquid chromatography
Off-label use of antibacterial agents in Traffic Hospital of Shandong Province in 2016: a cross sectional study
The off-label use of antibacterial agents is common in the authors' hospital and it's in need to regulate off- label drug use.
Risks in clinical applications of oseltamivir phosphate in the real world.
A retrospective analysis on the use of oseltamivir phosphate in outpatients and inpatients in the authors' hospital from February 2016 to February 2019 found that there were too many types of combined drugs, and the indications of preventive use were insufficient in some cases.