Yuyang Huang

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An all-electronic physical random number generator at rates up to 80  Gbit/s is presented, based on weakly coupled GaAs/Ga0.55Al0.45As superlattices operated at room temperature. It is based on large-amplitude, chaotic current oscillations characterized by a bandwidth of several hundred MHz and do not require external feedback or conversion to an electronic(More)
A method based on matrix solid-phase dispersion extraction followed by ultra high performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry is presented for the extraction and determination of phenolic compounds in Equisetum palustre. This method combines the high efficiency of matrix solid-phase dispersion extraction and the rapidity, sensitivity,(More)
The present study introduced a direct co-culture of mouse ATDC5 cells and primary porcine chondrocytes into a microcavitary hydrogel, which possessed advantages in promoting the growth of chondrocytes and retaining the phenotype. These two types of cells were encapsulated with gelatin microspheres in alginate hydrogels in either of the three ratios (3:1,(More)
INTRODUCTION Osteoactivin (OA) was first discovered in an osteopetrotic rat model using mRNA differential display a decade ago and has been studied recently. OA in bone tissue can directly or indirectly regulate the differentiation of osteoblasts by influencing cell behaviours, such as proliferation and adhesion, as well as inducing serial signal cascades,(More)
In our previous work, we have developed an effective microcavitary alginate hydrogel for proliferation of chondrocytes and maintenance of chondrocytic phenotype. In present work, we investigated whether microcavitary alginate hydrogel could promote the chondrogenesis of progenitor cells. Moreover, we attempted to further optimize this system by(More)
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