Yuyan Shi

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BACKGROUND Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are heavily marketed and widely perceived as helpful for quitting or reducing smoking intensity. We test whether ever-use of e-cigarettes among early adopters was associated with: 1) increased cigarette smoking cessation; and 2) reduced cigarette consumption. METHODS A representative cohort of U.S. smokers(More)
OBJECTIVE The high prevalence of cigarette smoking among substance-abusing patients has raised concern. This study assessed the prevalence of and factors related to smoking cessation services and smoke-free policies in substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States. METHODS Facility-level data were obtained from the 2012 National Survey of(More)
AIMS To assess the associations between types of cannabis control policies at country level and prevalence of adolescent cannabis use. SETTING, PARTICIPANTS AND DESIGN Multilevel logistic regressions were performed on 172,894 adolescents 15 year of age who participated in the 2001/2002, 2005/2006, or 2009/2010 cross-sectional Health Behaviour in(More)
Objective. To examine the availability of marijuana stores in Colorado and associations with neighborhood characteristics. Methods. The addresses for 650 medical and recreational marijuana stores were geocoded and linked to the characteristics of 1249 census tracts in Colorado. Accounting for spatial autocorrelations, autologistic regressions were used to(More)
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