Yuyan Huang

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This paper provides an introduction of the Swarm Intelligence with a special emphasis on Particle Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization at first. The basic data clustering terminologies are explained. Some of the past and ongoing works based on swarm intelligence techniques are discussed. Afterwards this paper describes the use of the Swarm(More)
The increasing complexity of chip design has posed great challenge for low power SoC test. Test vector reordering technique can lower circuit power dissipation. This paper proposes a new approach to low power SoC test based on ant colony optimization to find the optimal orders for test vector application. Experimental results on benchmark ITC'02 demonstrate(More)
This paper presents a variant test scheduling for multi-clock domain SoC. Test resources are allocated reasonably by using ant colony optimization, and test application time is minimized. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method improves test application time on previous methods.
This paper explores the recent classic VLSI test compression methods, analyses the characteristics of each methods, make compression among them, the advantages and disadvantages of each proposed approaches are expounded. The main purpose for test compression is to reduce test application time, hardware overhead and test cost. The test compression solutions(More)
This paper elaborates on the use of Matlab toolkit for digital signal processing, and it takes the example of power spectral density function in Matlab toolkit. Introduction of the engine and the compiler in Matlab, and the way to call for toolkit functions by Matcom of MathTool company.
Although there are several methods for managing waste cooking oil (WCO), a significant result has not been achieved in China. A new method is required for safe WCO management that minimizes the environmental threat. In this context, this work was developed in which cement clinker and gypsum were interground with various WCOs, and their properties, such as(More)
Construction of Student Model for Bayesian network-based Intelligent Tutoring System belongs to one of the major content for individualized teaching strategies, which plays crucial role during the whole process of research. Only after the reasonable student model is established, can analysis of the learning characteristics be carried out accordingly so that(More)
A prediction method of protein disulfide bond based on support vector machine and sample selection is proposed in this paper. First, the protein sequences selected are encoded according to a certain encoding, input data for the prediction model of protein disulfide bond is generated; Then sample selection technique is used to select a portion of input data(More)
Carnosine is believed to be neuroprotective in cerebral ischemia. However, few reports concern its function on senescent astrocytes during cerebral ischemia. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of carnosine on cell damage and glutamine synthetase (GS) expression in D-galactose-induced senescent astrocytes exposed to oxygen-glucose(More)