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Drought resistance and recovery ability are two important requisites for plant adaptation to drought environments. Proline (Pro) metabolism has been a major concern in plant drought tolerance. However, roles of Pro metabolism in plant recovery ability from severe drought stress are largely unexplored. Periploca sepium Bunge has gained increasing attention(More)
Periploca sepium Bunge is a native and widespread shrub on the Loess Plateau, an arid and semi-arid region in China. To understand the adaptability of its seed germination to dry environments, we investigated the germination rate, water relations, lipid peroxidation, antioxidant capacity and accumulation of major organic solutes during seed germination(More)
Chemical fruit thinning has become a popular practice in modern fruit orchards for achieving high quality fruits, reducing costs of hand thinning and promoting return bloom. However, most of the suggested chemical thinners are often concerned for their detrimental effects and environmental problems. 5-Aminolevulic acid (ALA) is a natural, nontoxic,(More)
5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA), a natural and environmentally friendly plant growth regulator, can improve plant tolerance to various environmental stresses. However, whether ALA can improve plant waterlogging tolerance is unknown. Here, we investigated the effects of ALA pretreatment on the waterlogging-induced damage of fig (Ficus carica Linn.) plants, which(More)
5-Aminolevulinic acid (ALA), a newly proved natural plant growth regulator, is well known to improve plant photosynthesis under both normal and stressful conditions. However, its underlying mechanism remains largely unknown. Stomatal closure is one of the major limiting factors for photosynthesis and abscisic acid (ABA) is the most important hormone in(More)
It is necessary to control the P2P traffic among ASs (Autonomous Systems) while the P2P applications occupy the most bandwidth of the backbone network. Instead of only restricting the P2P applications, the paper suggests an intelligent relay method based on P2P communities model. The Proxy of Content Caching (PCC) nodes is proposed which are used to manage(More)
It is an important task to provide the QoS-insured live media application in dealing with the fault effectively. The paper suggests a classification method to perform online fault management in the Live Media Service Grid (LMSN), which adopts online fault management, and can achieve low-overhead online learning, and adaptively adjust measurement sampling(More)
In this paper, we present a framework to facilitate Reputation-based service selection with reputation management, which has three key features. First, we use a structured overlay network as the decentralized service repository system for improved efficiency. Second, we propose an adaptive QoS-aware service discovery approach. Then, we present a(More)