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BACKGROUND It is well known that loss of muscle mass (quantitative change) is a major change that occurs with aging. Qualitative changes in skeletal muscle, such as increased intramuscular fat, also occur as one ages. Enhanced echo intensity (EI) on ultrasonography images of skeletal muscle is believed to reflect muscle quality. Recent studies evaluating(More)
Background: C-terminal Agrin Fragment (CAF) has been proposed as a potential marker for sarcopenia caused by degen-eration of the neuromuscular junction. In patients with ischemic stroke muscle wasting is a common observation. We aimed to evaluate plasma level of total CAF and the sub-fragment AgrinC110 in relation to parameters for physical performance in(More)
AIDA is a language for programming (modeling and documenting) in pictures within F-modeling environment where pictures and moving pictures are used as super-characters for representing features of computational algorithms, corresponding application models and possible related documentation. Generic pictures of the algorithmic super-characters are used to(More)
This paper proposes a method of similarity video retrieval based on impressions. As it has been clarified that the impression of videos can be expressed by using five factors, factor scores are tried to be estimated through feature values of videos. As for the dissimilarity, eigen values of the factors are introduced as weights. Similarity retrieval process(More)
OBJECTIVE Stepping-up motion is challenging task for elderly people in daily life. The present study investigated the relationship between the load pattern during stepping-up motion at maximum speed and physical function in elderly women. METHODS The subjects comprised 109 community-dwelling elderly women (age 72.5±5.3years). The load pattern (maximum(More)
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