Yuya Watanabe

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BACKGROUND It is well known that loss of muscle mass (quantitative change) is a major change that occurs with aging. Qualitative changes in skeletal muscle, such as increased intramuscular fat, also occur as one ages. Enhanced echo intensity (EI) on ultrasonography images of skeletal muscle is believed to reflect muscle quality. Recent studies evaluating(More)
We previously reported that low-intensity [50% of one repetition maximum (1RM)] resistance training with slow movement and tonic force generation (LST) causes muscle hypertrophy and strength gain in older participants. The aim of this study was to determine whether resistance training with slow movement and much more reduced intensity (30%1RM) increases(More)
To achieve a high-efficiency silicon nanowire (SiNW) solar cell, surface passivation technique is very important because a SiNW array has a large surface area. We successfully prepared by atomic layer deposition (ALD) high-quality aluminum oxide (Al2O3) film for passivation on the whole surface of the SiNW arrays. The minority carrier lifetime of the(More)
Silicon nanowire (SiNW) arrays were prepared on silicon substrates by metal-assisted chemical etching and peeled from the substrates, and their optical properties were measured. The absorption coefficient of the SiNW arrays was higher than that for the bulk silicon over the entire region. The absorption coefficient of a SiNW array composed of 10-μm-long(More)
OBJECTIVE Stepping-up motion is challenging task for elderly people in daily life. The present study investigated the relationship between the load pattern during stepping-up motion at maximum speed and physical function in elderly women. METHODS The subjects comprised 109 community-dwelling elderly women (age 72.5±5.3years). The load pattern (maximum(More)
The authors investigated the effects of low-intensity resistance training on muscle size and strength in older men and women. Thirty-five participants (age 59-76 yr) were randomly assigned to 2 groups and performed low-intensity (50% of 1-repetition maximum) knee-extension and -flexion exercises with either slow movement and tonic force generation (LST; 3-s(More)
AIDA is a language for programming (modeling and documenting) in pictures within F-modeling environment where pictures and moving pictures are used as super-characters for representing features of computational algorithms, corresponding application models and possible related documentation. Generic pictures of the algorithmic super-characters are used to(More)
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