Yuya Sugawara

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Patients increasingly turn to the Internet for information on medical conditions, including clinical news and treatment options. In recent years, an online patient community has arisen alongside the rapidly expanding world of social media, or “Web 2.0.” Twitter provides real-time dissemination of news, information, personal accounts and other details via a(More)
BACKGROUND The academic scandal on a study on stimulus‑triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP) cells in Japan in 2014 involved suspicions of scientific misconduct by the lead author of the study after the paper had been reviewed on a peer‑review website. This study investigated the discussions on STAP cells on Twitter and content of newspaper articles(More)
The sharing of information between the lay public and medical professionals is crucial to the conduct of personalized medicine using genomic information in the near future. Mass media, such as newspapers, can play an important role in disseminating scientific information. However, studies on the role of newspaper coverage of genome-related articles are(More)
BACKGROUND Twitter is an interactive, real-time media that could prove useful in health care. Tweets from cancer patients could offer insight into the needs of cancer patients. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to understand cancer patients' social media usage and gain insight into patient needs. METHODS A search was conducted of every publicly(More)
BACKGROUND Twitter is a free social networking and microblogging service on the Internet. Medical professionals and patients have started to use Twitter in medicine. Twitter use by medical institutions can interactively and efficiently provide public health information and education for laypeople. OBJECTIVE This study examined Twitter usage by medical(More)
Five misocyclones occurring along a narrow cold frontal rainband (NCFR) were detected by single, X-band Doppler radar at Yokosuka, Japan on April 20, 2006. Each of the misocyclones, which formed in succession in the core and gap regions of the meandering NCFR over a period of 30 minutes, had a short lifetime. Three of the five misocyclones generated near(More)
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