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The results of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) analyses indicated that palladium chloride was adsorbed on a plastic surface coated with a chitosan-containing paint (C-Paint), and was completely reduced to Pd(0) after reduction with dimethylamine-borane. To improve the stability and hardening properties of C-Paint, UV-curable chitosan derivatives,(More)
Cellulose nanofiber aqueous solution, which remained virtually transparent for more than one week, was prepared by using the clear upper layer of diluted cellulose nanofiber solution produced by wet jet milling. Glucose oxidase (GOx) was easily dissolved in this solution and GOx-immobilized electrode was easily fabricated by simple repetitious drops of(More)
Excitation of upper hybrid waves associated with the ionospheric heating experiments is assumed to be essential in explaining some of the features of stimulated electromagnetic emissions (SEE). A direct conversion process is proposed as an excitation mechanism of the upper hybrid waves where the energy of an obliquely propagating electromagnetic pump wave(More)
The stress distributions in the porcelain laminates under various kinds loading are analysed numberically in order to make clean the reason of their exfoliation or fracture. The two-dimensional finite element method is used to determine the principal stresses developed in the porcelain laminated and the teeth substance of a restored maxillary central(More)
The stress distributions in the laminate veneers under the two kinds of loadings are analyzed numerically by use of FEM in order to make clear the defects of various enamel preparations and Young's modulus of laminate shell materials in restored teeth. The analytical results are summarized as follows, 1) In both cases of two loading conditions under in this(More)
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