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The primary aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of the genotype of vitamin K epoxide reductase complex 1 (VKORC1) on warfarin dose requirements in Japanese pediatric patients. Forty-eight pediatric patients (0.42-19.25 years old) in whom stable anticoagulation was achieved by warfarin were enrolled in this study, and the polymorphic alleles(More)
We evaluated the pharmacokinetics of routinely administered bosentan in 46 Japanese pediatric patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Plasma samples were taken twice at times corresponding to the peak and trough concentrations following repetitive oral administration. The population pharmacokinetic parameters of bosentan were estimated by use of the(More)
Have you ever experienced that you cannot remember the name of a person you meet again? To circumvent such an awkward situation, it would be great if you had had a system that tells you the name of the person in secret. In this paper, we propose a wearable system of real-time face recognition to support human memory. The contributions of our work are(More)
It was reported that coadministration of amiodarone with carvedilol increased the serum concentration to dose (C/D) ratio of S-carvedilol in patients with heart failure, but not of R-carvedilol. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of amiodarone and its metabolite on the metabolism of R- and S-carvedilol in human liver microsomes(More)
Primary osteosarcoma of the lung is exceedingly rare. A 72-year-old man was admitted to our hospital; a primary osteosarcoma of the lung was diagnosed following computed tomography-guided needle biopsy. He died of rapidly progressing respiratory insufficiency without effective treatment seven months after the onset of symptoms. Macroscopic findings at(More)
This paper presents a perceived real-time system for memory augmentation. We propose a realistic approach to realize a memory assistance system, focusing on retrieving the person in front of you. The proposed system is capable of fully automatic indexing and is scalable in the database size. We utilize face recognition to show the user previous encounters(More)
The concentration of salivary secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) is a well-known stress marker for humans. The concentration of salivary sIgA in dogs has also been reported as a useful stress marker. In addition, salivary sIgA in dogs has been used to determine the adaptive ability of dogs for further training. There are conventional procedures based on(More)
Development of a decent parallel simulator is challenging work. It should achieve enough performance, scalability and fault tolerance. Our proposal is utilizing general-purpose data processing engines such as MapReduce implementations for parallel simulation. Widely used and mature engines take away a large part of the development effort and support(More)
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