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Have you ever been unable to retrieve a Web page even though you have read it before? In Japan, the broadband environment is common now, and people easily read many pages obtained through the Internet. However, finding the files is sometimes difficult because of forgetting how to find them. Some desktop search services have begun to be provided to solve(More)
Have you ever experienced that you cannot remember the name of a person you meet again? To circumvent such an awkward situation, it would be great if you had had a system that tells you the name of the person in secret. In this paper, we propose a wearable system of real-time face recognition to support human memory. The contributions of our work are(More)
This paper presents a perceived real-time system for memory augmentation. We propose a realistic approach to realize a memory assistance system, focusing on retrieving the person in front of you. The proposed system is capable of fully automatic indexing and is scalable in the database size. We utilize face recognition to show the user previous encounters(More)
Development of a decent parallel simulator is challenging work. It should achieve enough performance, scalability and fault tolerance. Our proposal is utilizing general-purpose data processing engines such as MapReduce implementations for parallel simulation. Widely used and mature engines take away a large part of the development effort and support(More)
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