Yuya Asanomi

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We have previously shown that a 28-amino acid peptide derived from the BRC4 motif of BRCA2 tumor suppressor inhibits selectively human RAD51 recombinase (HsRad51). With the aim of designing better inhibitors for cancer treatment, we combined an in silico docking approach with in vitro biochemical testing to construct a highly efficient chimera peptide from(More)
The p53 tumor suppressor is a tetrameric transcriptional enhancer, and its activity is compromised by mutations that cause amino acid substitutions in its tetramerization domain. Here we analyze the biochemical and biophysical properties of peptides corresponding to amino acids 319-358 of wild-type human p53, which includes the tetramerization domain, and(More)
We report that the addition of amino acids to the amyloid peptide dramatically affected the structure and the rate of formation of amyloid fibrils. The attachment of three lysines to Abeta(10-35) gave the formation of remarkably long fibrils, while three glutamates resulted in a faster formation rate of the fibrils.
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