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A differential geometry based modeling of a belt object to represent its deformation path is proposed. Adequate deformation path of a belt object such as film circuit boards or flexible circuit boards must be generated for automatic manipulation and assembly. First, deformation of a belt object is described using the curvature of its central axis, torsion(More)
In this paper, a design-optimization method for a consequent-pole bearingless motor with a rather large air-gap length is presented. A rotor iron and permanent-magnet structure is proposed which enhances the suspension-force capability during startup. Magnetic saturation in the rotor-iron pole area is solved, and the stator iron is designed so that magnetic(More)
Suspension winding design has been investigated for successful magnetic suspension under the limited voltage and current of suspension power electronics circuits. In bearingless motors, winding configuration design is a critical issue. To reduce requirements in suspension winding and its inverter, required current should be reduced. Thus, a large number of(More)
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