Yuxiu Guan

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Transmission line protective relays are assuring normal operation of power system by automatically isolating faulted sections. Different disturbances in power system could affect relay behavior and may result in relay misoperation or unintended operation. This paper explores various aspect of the performance analysis of existing protective relays. Three(More)
Introduction: Carbonate minerals observed in primitive meteorites are products of either terrestrial weathering or aqueous alteration in the early solar system. Most of the carbonate minerals in carbonaceous chondrites occur primarily as isolated grains in matrix, as crosscutting veins, or as replacement minerals in chondrules [e.g., 1, 2]. A few(More)
Theobjective of this study was to evaluate the optimal treatment condition of Fenton oxidation process to removal contaminant in soil slurry contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons. This research studied somefactors that affect the removal efficiency of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil slurry including molar ratio of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to ferrous(More)
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