Yuxing Liu

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Aims. Power-law cosmologies, in which the cosmological scale factor evolves as a power law in the age, a ∝ t α with α > ∼ 1, regardless of the matter content or cosmological epoch, is comfortably concordant with a host of cosmological observations. Methods. In this article, we use recent measurements of the X-ray gas mass fractions in clusters of galaxies(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the time law of electroacupuncture in regulation of circadian rhythms of the organism. METHODS Effects of electroacupuncture at "Shenshu" (BL 23) at Zi, Wu, Mao and You periods on circadian rhythms of locomotor activity and core body temperature in hamsters were observed with chronobiological research methods. RESULTS(More)
Kubota et al. (Neurosci. Lett., 196 (1995) 173-176) constructed distributions of the intervals between successive bursts of sympathetic nerve discharge (SND) in three mammalian species. The mode in such interburst interval histograms (IBIHs) was near 100 ms in most cases. This interval was equated with the 10-Hz rhythm in SND identified by others using(More)
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