Yuxin Tian

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— Even with the wide adaptation of resolution enhancement techniques in sub-wavelength lithography, the geometry of the fabricated interconnect is still quite different from the drawn one. Existing Layout Parasitic Extraction (LPE) tools assume perfect geometry, thus introducing significant error in the extracted parasitic models, which in turn cases(More)
It is well known that n-detection test sets are effective to detect unmodeled defects and improve the defect coverage. However, in these sets, each of the n-detection test patterns has the same importance on the overall test set performance. In other words, the test pattern that detects a fault for the first time plays the same important role as the test(More)
The most challenging problem in target detection and classi£cation is the extraction of a robust feature vector which can effectively represent a speci£c type of target. The use of the seismic signals in unattended ground sensor systems brings new challenges to the problem because of the complexity of the seismic waves and their highly dependency on the(More)
  • Dipannita Basu, Yuxin Tian, Patricia Hui, Jayant Bhandari, Rodney L Johnson, Ram K Mishra
  • 2015
The hallmark symptoms of schizophrenia include profound disturbances in thought, perception, cognition etc., which negatively impacts an individual's quality of life. Current antipsychotic drugs are not effective in treating all symptoms of this disorder, and often cause severe movement and metabolic side effects. Consequently, there remains a strong(More)
  • Dipannita Basu, Yuxin Tian, Jayant Bhandari, Jian Ru Jiang, Patricia Hui, Rodney L. Johnson +1 other
  • 2013
The activity of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) is intricately regulated by a range of intracellular proteins, including G protein-coupled kinases (GRKs) and arrestins. Understanding the effects of ligands on these signaling pathways could provide insights into disease pathophysiologies and treatment. The dopamine D2 receptor is a GPCR strongly(More)
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