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For today's computer users, the mouse plays such an important role that it dominates the interaction interface in personal computer for nearly half a century since it was invented. However, the mouse is gradually unfit for the demand of modern 3D display techniques, e.g. 3D-projection or -screen, for the reason that the relevant interactions are confined in(More)
In image matching research, how to ensure that best match's accuracy of the premise and a significant reduction in the amount of computing is the focus of concern by researchers. Search strategy to find the best match location of the image matching process to determine the amount of computing of image matching, in the existing image matching method are used(More)
The weighted wavelet packet entropy (WWPE) is presented for real-time detection of chatter before it has fully developed in turning processes. This method is based on low dimensionality of process dynamics shown by chatter. The energy of frequency band that contains chatter information is weighted. Compared with the WPE, the WWPE is more sensitive to energy(More)
Motivation Somatic DNA recombination, the hallmark of vertebrate adaptive immunity, has the potential to generate a vast diversity of antigen receptor sequences. How this diversity captures antigen specificity remains incompletely understood. In this study we use high throughput sequencing to compare the global changes in T cell receptor β chain(More)
Chatter is an unstable phenomenon in machining processes which brings many detrimental effects to cutting tool and workpiece. This paper proposes an intelligent chatter detection method which is based on wavelet packet node energy (WPNE), least squares support vector machine based recursive feature elimination (LSSVM-RFE) and least squares support vector(More)
T cells recognize antigen using a large and diverse set of antigen-specific receptors created by a complex process of imprecise somatic cell gene rearrangements. In response to antigen-/receptor-binding-specific T cells then divide to form memory and effector populations. We apply high-throughput sequencing to investigate the global changes in T cell(More)
Chatter known as an unstable state, is a self-excite vibration which limits productivity of machining processes. To achieve stable machining and high productivity, chatter should be suppressed before it is fully developed. Sinusoids stiffness variation is an efficient method of chatter suppression that continuously varies the stiffness of the tool post. The(More)
Large power consumption of memory access has been one of the major bottlenecks in modern embedded systems. Because caches even take about half of those systems' power consumption. So it is essential in concentrating on optimized strategies for cache's parameters as well as the enhancement of its adaptability to various applications. Considering the(More)