Yuxin Sun

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Distraction osteogenesis (DO) is one of the most dramatic reconstructive techniques for inducing bone regeneration, but it involves an undesirably long period for bone consolidation. Developing innovative approaches to enhance bone consolidation is a burning need. Human fetal mesenchymal stem cells (hFMSCs) have been shown to express more primitive(More)
The crashworthiness of helicopter fuel tank is vital to the survivability of the passengers and structures. In order to understand and improve the crashworthiness of the soft fuel tank of helicopter during the crash, this paper investigated the dynamic behavior of the nylon woven fabric composite fuel tank striking on the ground. A fluid-structure(More)
To study the roles of jasmonic acid (JA) and ethylene (ET) pathways in mediating defense against wheat Fusarium head blight (FHB), the expression patterns of genes in the Fusarium graminearum-challenged spikes between Wangshuibai and its susceptible mutant NAUH117 at the Fhb1 locus were compared using wheat microarray. The results showed that most of(More)
As mass-produced silicon transistors have reached the nano-scale, their behavior and performances are increasingly affected, and often deteriorated, by quantum mechanical effects such as tunneling through single dopants, scattering via interface defects, and discrete trap charge states. However, progress in silicon technology has shown that these phenomena(More)
—For today's computer users, the mouse plays such an important role that it dominates the interaction interface in personal computer for nearly half a century since it was invented. However, the mouse is gradually unfit for the demand of modern 3D display techniques, e.g. 3D-projection or-screen, for the reason that the relevant interactions are confined in(More)
MicroRNAs are small noncoding RNAs involved in numerous biological processes. Emerging pieces of evidence suggest that microRNAs play important roles in osteogenesis and skeletal homeostasis. Recent studies indicated the significant regulation function of mir-21 in osteogenesis in vitro, but little information is known about its veritable functions in vivo.(More)
Previous studies reported that statins showed positive effects on bone in both human and animal models. This study aimed to investigate the effects of atorvastatin on the prevention of osteoporosis and dyslipidemia in ovariectomized rats fed with high-fat emulsion. The 3-month-old female rats were subjected to either sham operations (n = 8) or(More)
Fungi are an exceptional source of diverse and novel cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (P450s), heme-thiolate proteins, with catalytic versatility. Agaricomycotina saprophytes have yielded most of the available information on basidiomycete P450s. This resulted in observing similar P450 family types in basidiomycetes with few differences in P450 families among(More)