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Increasing food production is essential to meet the demands of a growing human population, with its rising income levels and nutritional expectations. To address the demand, plant breeders seek new sources of genetic variation to enhance the productivity, sustainability and resilience of crop varieties. Here we launch a high-resolution, open-access research(More)
Susan R. McCouch, Mark H. Wright, Chih-Wei Tung, Lyza G. Maron, Kenneth L. McNally, Melissa Fitzgerald, Namrata Singh, Genevieve DeClerck, Francisco Agosto Perez, Pavel Korniliev, Anthony J. Greenberg, Ma. Elizabeth B. Naredo, Sheila Mae Q. Mercado, Sandra E. Harrington, Yuxin Shi, Darcy A. Branchini, Paula R. Kuser-Falcão, Hei Leung, Kowaru Ebana, Masahiro(More)
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