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Resulting from their versatile functionality, nanomaterials with low systemic toxicity have offered high-performance diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. Here, we designed and synthesized uniform magnesium silicate hollow spheres as high drug-loading nanocarriers for cancer therapy. Through a classical Stöber method and a hydrothermal process,(More)
Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is one such treatment that reconstructs neo-bone tissue by using a barrier membrane to prevent the invasion of soft tissue and to create a space for guiding new bone growth into the bone defect. Herein, we report a novel functionally graded bilayer membrane (FGBM) for GBR application. To fabricate the novel membrane, the(More)
Hair follicle-derived neural crest stem cells can be induced to differentiate into Schwann cells in vivo and in vitro. However, the underlying regulatory mechanism during cell differentiation remains poorly understood. This study isolated neural crest stem cells from human hair follicles and induced them to differentiate into Schwann cells. Quantitative(More)
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