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This paper proposes a novel multi-layer homography algorithm for background modeling from a free-moving camera. Background is composed of many planes. Different planes satisfy with different homographies which can be found by our algorithm. Each pixel except for the moving pixel definitely belongs to some plane. Rectified by the corresponding homography,(More)
We address the problem of recognizing multi-pose head nodding and shaking gestures in human conversations. Existing methods mainly recognize head gestures in restricted environments like human robot interaction, where face poses are near frontal and head motions are not natural. However, in human conversations, faces of subjects might be in arbitrary poses(More)
Face detection plays an important role in Computer Vision. In the past few years, much effort has been put into this field. Some approaches are based on Color Model which is highly expensive. Viola and Jones proposed a real-time approach based on AdaBoost, but it suffered from the risk of overfitting. In this paper, we propose a method to take advantage of(More)
AdaBoost is a practical method of real-time face detection, but abides by a crucial problem of overfitting for the big number of features used in a trained classifier due to the weak discriminative abilities of these features. This paper proposes a theoretical approach to construct highly discriminative features, which is named composed features, from(More)
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