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Collaborative tagging have emerged as a ubiquitous way to annotate and organize online resources. As a kind of descriptive keyword, large amount of tags are created and associated to multiple types of resources, e.g., web pages, photos, videos and tweets. Users’ tagging actions over time reflect their changing interests. Monitoring and analyzing the(More)
Collaborative tagging becomes a common feature of current web sites, facilitating ordinary users to annotate and represent online resources. The large collection of tags and their relationships form a tag space. In this kind of tag space, the popularity and correlation amongst tags capture the current social interests. Tags are freely chosen keywords and(More)
Web 2.0 users generate and spread huge amounts of messages in online social media. Such user-generated contents are mixture of temporal topics (e.g., breaking events) and stable topics (e.g., user interests). Due to their different natures, it is important and useful to distinguish temporal topics from stable topics in social media. However, such a(More)
Burst detection is an important topic in temporal stream analysis. Usually, only the textual features are used in burst detection. In the theme extraction from current prevailing social media content, it is necessary to consider not only textual features but also the pervasive collaborative context, e.g., resource lifetime and user activity. This paper(More)
Textual web pages dominate web search engines nowadays. However, there is also a striking increase of structured data on the web. Efficient keyword query processing on structured data has attracted enough attention, but effective query understanding has yet to be investigated. In this paper, we focus on the problem of keyword query reformulation in the(More)
Collaborative tagging systems have emerged as an ubiquitous way to annotate and organize online resources. The users' tagging actions over time reflect the changing of their interests. In this paper, we propose to detect bursty tagging event, which captures the relations among a group of correlated tags where the tags are either bursty or associated with(More)
The torsional vibration of vehicle transmission system is heavily concerned with the increase of vehicle speed. The whole powertrain system has to be matched according to the torsional vibration characteristics, especially in developing a new vehicle. The selection of proper elastic coupling has to be made for the torsional vibration match and some(More)
Aims. We investigated whether poor sleep quality is associated with both dawn phenomenon and impaired circadian clock gene expression in subjects with diabetes. Methods. 81 subjects with diabetes on continuous glucose monitoring were divided into two groups according to the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. The magnitude of dawn phenomenon was quantified by(More)
Aims. We investigated whether self-monitoring of blood glucose could be used to assess dawn phenomenon in Chinese people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Methods. A total of 306 people with T2DM underwent continuous glucose monitoring and self-monitoring of blood glucose for 72 h. A linear model was used to fit the optimal linear formula of the(More)