Yuxiang Yang

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Motion direction learning is known to be specific to the trained direction. However, in this study we used our recently developed TPE (training-plus-exposure) method to demonstrate that motion direction learning can transfer to an opposite direction. Specifically, we first replicated the strict direction specificity of motion direction learning with a group(More)
The removal of PCP using HRP immobilized by Fe3O4 sorption-gelatin embedding-cross linkage method as catalyzer was studied. Reaction conditions including the reacting time, different buffer systems and pH value, PCP initial concentration, HRP dosage were discussed in detail compared with free HRP. The results indicate that the equilibrium time of PCP(More)
UNLABELLED Humans can learn to abstract and conceptualize the shared visual features defining an object category in object learning. Therefore, learning is generalizable to transformations of familiar objects and even to new objects that differ in other physical properties. In contrast, visual perceptual learning (VPL), improvement in discriminating fine(More)
The size- and shape-controlled Fe3O4@SiO2 nanocomposites were successfully synthesized via the sol-gel method. The results showed that the size, shape, and property of the products were directly influenced by the amount of TEOS, and the concentration of water-based magnetic fluid in the coating process. The morphology and properties of the products were(More)
Pure superparamagnetic nano-Fe3O4 (SPMNPs) and Ln3+ (Eu3+, Dy3+) doped SPMNPs are successfully synthesized by reverse micelle method. The structure, morphology, magnetic properties and PL properties of the samples were characterized by XRD, FT-IR, TEM, PPMS, EDS and luminescence spectrometer respectively. The influences of Ln3+ doping amount on magnetic(More)
In this paper, Eu(n+), Sm3+ doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles were prepared via solvothermal method, in which Ferric chloride is used as the iron source, and anhydrous EuCl3, SmCl3 as doping source. Eu, Sm valence in doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles, and effects of Eu, Sm doping amount on their structure, morphology, magnetic properties and PL properties were discussed.(More)
Radar emitter's position can be estimated by dual satellites location system utilizing DTO (differential time offset) and DFO (differential frequency offset). Signal model received by dual satellites is given and the influence to signal accumulation by relative motion is analyzed in this paper. Then the upper limit of accumulated pulses' number is given.(More)
This paper describes a simple biomolecule-assisted solvothermal approach to fabricate the three-dimensional (3D) Sb2S3 microsphere with a wealth of novel morphologies in the presence of L-cysteine, which served as both the sulfur source and the directing molecule in the formation of antimony sulfide nanostructures. The effects of different solvents, and(More)
In this study, cage-like mesoporous silica was used as the carrier to immobilize laccase by a physical approach, followed by encapsulating with chitosan/alginate microcapsule membranes to form microcapsules of immobilized laccase based on layer-by-layer technology. The relationship between laccase activity recovery/leakage rate and the coating thickness was(More)
By measuring the DTO (differential time offset) and DFO (differential frequency offset) from two satellites, the emitter's position can be estimated by dual LEO-satellites location system. But it is difficult for broadband frequency-hopping pulse signal, because the pulses of different frequency points can't be accumulated due to doppler varying with(More)