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In this paper, a robust backstepping sliding mode controller is proposed for the output tracking control of a class of uncertain MIMO nonlinear systems. This controller combines the backstepping and sliding mode control, and the tracking error of the system is ultimately bounded. The recursive nature of this approach is similar to the standard backstepping,(More)
Peripheral nerve injury repair is one of the most challenging problems in neurosurgery, partially due to lack of knowledge of three-dimensional (3-D) fine structure and organization of peripheral nerves. In this paper, we explored the structures of nerve fibers in ventral and dorsal nerves with a laser scanning confocal microscopy. Thick tissue staining(More)
In this work, a facile and low temperature processed anodic oxidation approach is proposed for fabricating compact and homogeneous titanium dioxide film (AO-TiO2). In order to realize morphology and thickness control of AO-TiO2, the theory concerning anodic oxidation (AO) is unveiled and the influence of relevant parameters during the process of AO such as(More)
In this paper, We first propose a systematic modeling of the wheeled mobile manipulator built from a robotic arm mounted on a wheeled mobile platform by using Lagrange dynamics equation and nonholonomic dynamics Routh equation. Then we use artificial potential field as part of feedback to accomplish the wheeled mobile manipulator's motion planning, and its(More)
This paper presents the development process of a decision support system for pre-filtering and analysis of data for the carbon dioxide (CO2) capture process. Chemical absorption is becoming one of the dominant CO2 capture technologies because of its efficiency and low cost. Since the chemical absorption process consists of dozens of components, it generates(More)