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Microstructure characterization and NO2-sensing properties of tungsten oxide nanostructures
Abstract Nanowires and nanosheets of tungsten oxide were synthesized by solvothermal method with different tungsten hexachloride (WCl 6 ) concentrations in 1-propanol solvent. The morphology andExpand
NO2-sensing properties of porous WO3 gas sensor based on anodized sputtered tungsten thin film
Abstract In this paper, a novel porous WO3 sensor was prepared by anodic oxidation of DC magnetron sputtered metallic tungsten (W) film deposited on alumina substrate. The structural andExpand
Vanadium pentoxide hierarchical structure networks for high performance ethanol gas sensor with dual working temperature characteristic
Abstract Gas sensors based on V 2 O 5 hierarchical structure networks were formed through a direct seed-induced hydrothermal growth of nanostructured V 2 O 5 on the substrate attached a pair ofExpand
Field emission properties of electrophoretic deposition carbon nanotubes film
The field emission properties of electrophoretic deposition(EPD) carbon nanotubes (CNTs) film have been improved by depositing CNTs onto the titanium (Ti)-coated Si substrate, followed by vacuumExpand
Effect of annealing on microstructure and NO2-sensing properties of tungsten oxide nanowires synthesized by solvothermal method
Abstract Quasi-orienting W 18 O 49 nanowire bundles were synthesized by solvothermal method. The microstructures and the NO 2 -sensing properties of the as-synthesized nanowires annealed at differentExpand
KOH post-etching-induced rough silicon nanowire array for H2 gas sensing application.
The limited surface area and compacted configuration of silicon nanowires (SiNWs), which are made by one-step metal-assisted chemical etching (MACE) go against target gas diffusion and adsorbtion forExpand
DFT study on interaction of NO2 with the vacancy-defected WO3 nanowires for gas-sensing
Abstract The gas response of oxide-based sensors strongly depends on its surface properties. To explore the potential sensing ability of one-dimensional (1D) WO3 nanowire under existence of oxygenExpand
Ultrasensitive Silicon Nanowire Sensor Developed by a Special Ag Modification Process for Rapid NH3 Detection.
Surface functionalization is very effective in enhancing sensing properties of a chemiresistive gas sensor. In this work, we develop a novel and cost-effective process to prepare Ag-modified siliconExpand
Synthesis and low-temperature gas sensing properties of tungsten oxide nanowires/porous silicon composite
Abstract A novel tungsten oxide nanowires/porous silicon composite has been successfully synthesized via a convenient thermal evaporation method with no catalyst. The morphology and crystal structureExpand
Enhanced response characteristics of p-porous silicon (substrate)/p-TeO2 (nanowires) sensor for NO2 detection
Abstract A novel composite structure of p-porous silicon/p-TeO2 nanowires has been successfully synthesized using Te powder as source materials and porous silicon as growth substrate by thermalExpand