Yuxiang Dong

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The discovery of artemisinin more than 30 years ago provided a completely new antimalarial structural prototype; that is, a molecule with a pharmacophoric peroxide bond in a unique 1,2,4-trioxane heterocycle. Available evidence suggests that artemisinin and related peroxidic antimalarial drugs exert their parasiticidal activity subsequent to reductive(More)
In this paper, we propose an analytical approach to predict the performance of web service composition built on BPEL. The approach first translates web service composition specification into Stochastic Petri Nets. From the SPN model and its corresponding continuous-time Markov chain, we derive the analytical performance estimates of process-completion-time.(More)
In recent decades, the approach known as Finite-Time Thermodynamics has provided a fruitful theoretical framework for the optimization of heat engines operating between a heat source (at temperature hs T) and a heat sink (at temperature cs T). The aim of this paper is to propose a more complete approach based on the association of Finite-Time Thermodynamics(More)
The in vitro and in vivo efficacies of ozonide carboxylic acid OZ418 against Schistosoma japonicum were investigated. For in vitro experiments, juvenile (14-day-old) and adult schistosomes were collected from mice infected with 80–100 S. japonicum cercariae for 14 and 35 days post-infection and the worms were maintained in Roswell Park Memorial Institute(More)
Determine the feasibility and potential benefit of peripherally cross-linking the shell of core-shell polymer micelles on the premature release of physically loaded hydrophobic drug in whole blood and subsequent potency against solid tumors. Individual Pluronic F127 polymer micelles (F127 PM) peripherally cross-linked with ethylenediamine at 76% of total(More)
The Zhuhai city in Pearl River Delta was chosen as a study area. The soil samples were recollected according to the sampling points of Second National Soil Survey. Based on application of geographical information system (GIS) and SPSS software, the content, distribution and its influence factors of available Cu in cultivated soils were analyzed. The results(More)
The aryl hydantoin 1 (Ro 13-3978) was identified in the early 1980s as a promising antischistosomal lead compound. However, this series of aryl hydantoins produced antiandrogenic side effects in the host, a not unexpected outcome given their close structural similarity to the antiandrogenic drug nilutamide. Building on the known SAR of this compound series,(More)
Evaluate the anti-tumor activity of ozonide antimalarials using a chemoresistant neuroblastoma cell line, BE (2)-c. The activity of 12 ozonides, artemisinin, and two semisynthetic artemisinins were tested for activity against two neuroblastoma cell-lines (BE (2)-c and IMR-32) and the Ewing’s Sarcoma cell line A673 in an MTT viability assay. Time course data(More)