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Learning Villages (LV) is a game-based computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) platform, which facilitates studentspsila issue-based discussion in a massively multiplayer gaming environment to attain the goal of argumentative knowledge construction. However, such construction can be achieved only if students can make argumentative elaborations(More)
Cherubism is a rare, nonneoplastic, self-limiting fibro-osseous that occurs in children. Affected children usually appear normal at birth. Lesions are characterized by the replacement of bone with fibrovascular tissue containing many multinucleated giant cells. Most studies have reported cherubism to be familial and with bilateral involvement of the(More)
The occurrence of learning transfer is an important criterion for checking whether learning has taken place. In recent years, simulation games have been applied widely in the field of skill training and education. But research about whether learning transfer occurs in simulation games is still limited. This paper aims to examine whether learning transfer(More)
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