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This paper reports a method which has improved performance in feature selection in Chinese Text Categorization. The paper first uses the improved information gain (IG) to select the initial features, and experiments with two methods for feature selection. The first method chooses the top n features of all classes as vector space, while the second method(More)
It is time-consuming and anxiety-causing for people to make various trivial choices in daily life. The existing mobile applications cannot help mobile users make personalized as well as rapid choices. To solve this problem, the method and system of AChoice, a new personal decision-making assistant for mobile users, is presented. The system design, key(More)
By introducing a linear state feedback controller, a hyperchaotic attractor of four-dimensional continuous autonomous chaotic system is proposed. This hyperchaotic system has more complex dynamical behaviors, and can generate novel hyperchaotic attractor. In particular, it is interesting that this system can also exhibit novel quasi-periodic orbit.(More)
The game of NoGo is similar to Go, that means they have similar chessboard and stones. However, the rulers are completely different. If the first player suicides, kills a group, or has no more legal moves, the opponent will win the game. In this paper, the patterns of NoGo are given to both players, Black and White, and the urgency of a pattern is(More)
Five different classification models, namely RFR_SUM, CRFs, Maximum Entropy, SVM and Semantic Similarity Model, are employed for polyphonic disambiguation. Based on observation of the experiment outcome of these models, an additional ensemble method based on majority voting is proposed. The ensemble method obtains an average precision of 96.78%, which(More)