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  • Scott W. Crawley, David A. Shifrin, Nathan E. Grega-Larson, Russell E. McConnell, Andrew E. Benesh, Suli Mao +6 others
  • 2014
Transporting epithelial cells build apical microvilli to increase membrane surface area and enhance absorptive capacity. The intestinal brush border provides an elaborate example with tightly packed microvilli that function in nutrient absorption and host defense. Although the brush border is essential for physiological homeostasis, its assembly is poorly(More)
We report a novel mutation (erlong, erl) of the cadherin 23 (Cdh23) gene in a mouse model for DFNB12 characterized by progressive hearing loss beginning from postnatal day 27 (P27). Genetic and sequencing analysis revealed a 208 T >C transition causing an amino-acid substitution (70S-P). Caspase expression was upregulated in mutant inner ears. Hearing was(More)
It is perhaps surprising for a shock wave to exist in the solution of a rarefaction Riemann problem for the compressible Euler equations in two space dimensions. We present numerical evidence and generalized characteristic analysis to establish the existence of a shock wave in such a 2D Riemann problem, defined by the interaction of four rarefaction waves.(More)
In this paper, we investigate the Cauchy problem for the rotating shallow water equations with physical viscosity. We obtain the local existence of classical solutions without assuming the initial height is small or a small perturbation of some constant status. Moreover, the initial vacuum is allowed and the spatial measure of the set of vacuum can be(More)
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