Yuwen Zhuang

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A correlation dimension analysis of people's visual experiential streams captured by a smartphone shows that visual experience is two-scaled with a smaller dimension at shorter length scales than at longer length scales. The bend between the two scales is a phase transition point where the lower scale primarily captures relationships within the same context(More)
Gastric cancer (GC) is the third primary cause of cancer-related mortality and one of the most common type of malignant diseases worldwide. Despite remarkable progress in multimodality therapy, advanced GC with high aggressiveness always ends in treatment failure. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) has been widely recognized to be a key process(More)
Previous studies (Doxas, Dennis, & Oliver, 2010) show that natural language discourse exhibits a two-scale structure with a lower dimension at short distances and larger dimension at long distances. We attempt to search for the source of this constraint in the visual input that goes into forming episodic experiences in human beings. This information is(More)
Cinnamaldehyde, the main chemical component of the essential oil separated from the traditional herb Cinnamomum cassia, has been demonstrated to be an efficient cytotoxic agent against several human cancers. The present experiment showed that cinnamaldehyde dose-dependently depresses the proliferation of three types of NSCLC cells and induces cell apoptosis(More)
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