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Total organic carbon (TOC), total nitrogen (TN) and their δ(13)C and δ(15)N values were determined for 42 surface sediments from coastal Bohai Bay in order to determine the concentration and identify the source of organic matter. The sampling sites covered both the marine region of coastal Bohai Bay and the major rivers it connects with. More abundant TOC(More)
HNO plays significant roles in many biological processes. Numerous heme proteins bind HNO, an important step for its biological functions. A systematic computational study was performed to provide the first detailed trends and origins of the effects of iron oxidation state, axial ligand, and protein environment on HNO binding. The results show that HNO(More)
This paper presents the distribution of total phosphorus (P), inorganic P (IP) and organic P in sediment cores from Sishili Bay, China. Their concentrations (μmolg-1) ranged from 15.04 to 21.59, 12.43 to 18.27 and 0.15 to 5.11, respectively, showing 87.6-96.9% of TP is IP. The distribution of the fractionation of IP , obtained by a sequential extraction(More)
Epidemiological studies have verified the protective role of fish lipids in cardiovascular diseases. However, the effects of fish lipids on health boost remain undefined. Large amounts of by-products, such as fish brain which contains high level of lipids, are produced with silver carp processing. Fish brain is rich in bioactive lipids which are(More)
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