Yuwei Fan

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We study the current-driven kink instability with a three-dimensional MHD spectral code, under conditions appropriate for the convection zone of the Sun. Our goal is to determine whether the kink instability can explain the unusual morphology of certain " " d-spot ÏÏ active regions. The characteristics of these d-spots are unusually large tilt upon(More)
We present a 3D simulation of the dynamic emergence of a twisted magnetic flux tube from the top layer of the solar convection zone into the solar atmosphere and corona. It is found that after a brief initial stage of flux emergence during which the two polarities of the bipolar region become separated and the tubes intersecting the photosphere become(More)
We perform three-dimensional simulations of the rise of twisted magnetic Ñux tubes in an adiabatically stratiÐed model solar convection zone. The initial Ñux tube in our simulations is a uniformly twisted, buoyant, horizontal tube located near the bottom of the stratiÐed layer. The twist of the initial Ñux tube is described by a parameter a, which is deÐned(More)
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