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This paper examines how “official” accounts participate in the propagation and correction of online rumors in the context of crisis events. Using an emerging method for interpretive analysis of “big” social data, we investigate the spread of online rumors through digital traces—in this case, tweets. Our study suggests that(More)
This study aims to investigate the impacts and mechanism of early anticoagulant therapy (EAT) on tissue perfusion in patients with sepsis. A total of 224 patients with severe sepsis were randomly divided into the control group (n=105) and the treatment group (n=119). The randomization was performed using computer-generated random numbers. The platelet(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the development approach of donation after brain death through analyzing the cognition status of donation after brain death among medical staff and potential donor (PD) family members of intensive care unit (ICU). METHODS Analysis was conducted for the cognition of donation after brain death among 149 ICU professionals and 879 PD(More)
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