Yuwan Gu

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Parallel Algorithm for Binary Tree Traversing Sequence Based on Coding is proposed in the paper. The method is understood and mastered easily, which can simplify the traversing process, makes the process for educing binary tree traversing sequence becoming quickly and intuitive, fits to the demonstration of traversing process in classroom teaching, and can(More)
Bayesian spam filtering is a classification method based on the theory of probability and statistics, and the Bay-esian spam filtering based on Mapreduce can solve the defect of the traditional Bayesian spam filtering that consumes large amounts of system resources and network resources when the mail set is pre-training. It needs to classify mails manually(More)
Cellular automaton has long been become the main modeling tool for traffic flow simulation. But the related calculated vehicle velocities are not continuous. This would cause some difficulties for experimental checking. Imaginary slope algorithm based on the deflection curve of a built-in beam could reveal the smoothness of a real procedure validly. A(More)
Constructing smaller Glushkov automata into one. So the Follow automata, the nondeterministic finite automata of Regular Expressions is key smallest finite automata, are obtained. technique in the fields of compiler science. The whole progress I. BASIC THEORIES AND DEFINITIONS of parallel transition from regular expressions to Follow A. Regular Expressions(More)
The Production quality of regular grammar influences the efficiency of lexical analysis. The paper puts up a new algorithm, in which can get more simple production equal to grammar for given right (left) liner grammar. Firstly, translate grammar production's simplification into the renovation of finite automata. Then, make the string length of each arc is(More)
The research methods of trusted attribute based on model-driven for credibility problems in the development process of model-driven software proposed in the paper. An overall analysis for software requirements is carried out, considering the business specification and the need to achieve the function, testing the Integrity and accuracy of model in the PIM(More)
Through thoroughly researching on CYK-algorithm (Cocke-Younger-Kasami) parsing to normal sentence, especially on generating algorithm about initial CYK-table of word-lattice structure, and improving CYK-algorithm by regarding the span of time sequence of word-lattice transformed as the attribute, a kind of word-lattice parsing algorithm based on improved(More)
The parallel conversion pattern based on batcher network during different traverse sequence of binary tree is proposed, the conversion from pre-order to in-order is implemented in A-order, the conversion from pre-order to post-order is implemented in B-order, and the corresponding parallel conversion algorithm is given. At last, the conversion process of(More)
In this paper,it is researched thoroughly for CYK-algorithm (Cocke - Younger- Kasami)of parsing normal sentence, in particular,it is analyzed thoroughly for the generating algorithm about initial CYK-table of word-lattice structure,and CYK-algorithm is improved by the attribute of span of time sequence after word-lattice distortion,a kind of(More)