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— A new coding framework is established for channels whose outputs are overlapping pairs of symbols. Such channels are motivated by storage applications in which the spatial resolution of the reader may be lower than that of the process that was used to store the data. Reading symbols as pairs changes the error model from the standard bounded number of(More)
—Shingled magnetic recording is a promising technology to increase the capacity of hard-disk drives with no significant cost impact. Its main drawback is that random-write access to the disk is restricted due to overlap in the layout of data tracks. For computing and storage systems to enjoy the increased capacity, it is necessary to mitigate these access(More)
—Several physical effects that limit the reliability and performance of Multilevel Flash Memories induce errors that have low magnitudes and are dominantly asymmetric. This paper studies block codes for asymmetric limited-magnitude errors over q-ary channels. We propose code constructions and bounds for such channels when the number of errors is bounded by(More)
Keywords: Memristor Memristive systems Logic array Memory array von Neumann Architecture Akers logic array a b s t r a c t In-memory computation is one of the most promising features of memristive memory arrays. In this paper, we propose an array architecture that supports in-memory computation based on a logic array first proposed in 1972 by Sheldon Akers.(More)
Wireless communication systems, such as RFIDs and wireless sensor networks, are increasingly being used in security-sensitive applications, e.g. credit card transactions or monitoring patient health in hospitals. Wireless jamming by transmitting artificial noise, which is traditionally used as an offensive technique for disrupting communication, has(More)
Security-sensitive applications, such as patient health monitoring and credit card transactions, are increasingly utilizing wireless communication systems, RFIDs, wireless sensor networks, and other wireless communication systems. The use of interference-emitting jammers to protect these sensitive communications has been recently explored in the literature,(More)
—In a memristor crossbar array, a memristor is positioned on each row-column intersection, and its resistance, low or high, represents two logical states. The state of every memristor can be sensed by the current flowing through the memristor. In this work, we study the sneak path problem in crossbars arrays, in which current can sneak through other cells,(More)
— For the recently proposed model of symbol-pair channels, we advance the pair-error coding theory with algebraic cyclic-code constructions and asymptotic bounds on code rates. Cyclic codes for pair-errors are constructed by a careful use of duals of known tools from cyclic-code theory. Asymptotic lower bounds on code rates show that codes for pair-errors(More)