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The popularity of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) systems is continuously growing. Such systems depend on unreliable Internet communication, in which chunks of data often get lost during transmission. Various solutions to this problem were proposed, most of which are better suited to small rates of lost data. This work addresses this problem by filling(More)
Images of outdoor scenes are often degraded by haze, fog and other scattering phenomena. In this paper we show how such images can be dehazed using internal patch recurrence. Small image patches tend to repeat abundantly inside a natural image, both within the same scale, as well as across different scales. This behavior has been used as a strong prior for(More)
Visual Learning of Arithmetic Operations Yedid Hoshen and Shmuel Peleg ­ HUJI A simple Neural Network model is presented for end­to­end visual learning of arithmetic operations from pictures of numbers. The input consists of two pictures, each showing a 7­digit number. The output, also a picture, displays the number showing the result of an arithmetic (More)
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