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Two new cytotoxic 26-membered macrolides, amphidinolides B4 (1) and B5 (2), have been isolated from a marine dinoflagellate Amphidinium sp. (strain Y-100), and the structures were elucidated on the basis of detailed analyses of 2D NMR data including 13 C− 13 C correlations. Introduction Amphidinolides are a series of unique cytotoxic macrolides isolated(More)
Ras gene family (c-Ha, Ki, N ras) and c-myc proto-oncogenes were analyzed in seven colonic and three gastric adenomatous polyps obtained from a patient with Turcot's syndrome. The rearrangement and amplification as well as overexpression of c-Ha ras gene in one colonic adenomatous polyp were determined. The amplified c-Ha ras gene in this polyp revealed(More)
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