Yuuki Uranishi

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This paper proposes a method for rendering an inter-reflection between a marker and a glossy floor in Augmented Reality (AR). At first, a reflectance ratio of the floor is estimated from the reflection on the floor and from the marker box directly. Then the roughness of the floor is estimated based on the sharpness of the reflected marker box image on the(More)
This study proposes a method to estimate elastic deformation using silhouettes obtained from multiple endoscopic images. Our method can estimate the intraoperative deformation of organs using a volumetric mesh model reconstructed from preoperative CT data. We use this elastic body silhouette information of elastic bodies not to model the shape but to(More)
This paper proposes a three-dimensional measurement method with a simple structured system. Whole three-dimensional shape measurement and model reconstruction have a wide area of potential applications, including virtual museums and digital archiving of relics. In those cases, it is highly desirable that a whole shape of the object is easily measured in a(More)
Tablet PCs and smartphones rapidly become popular nowadays. People can touch objects on the touch panel display of the tablet PC or smartphone, but only get sensation of touching the surface of the display. Recently, some systems capable of inserting themselves into the display by using retractable stylus have been proposed. <i>Beyond</i> [Lee and Ishii(More)
In this paper, we present a roughness modulation technique that employs electrotactile augmentation to alter material texture perception, which is conducted through mechanically unconstrained touch. A novel electrotactile augmented reality system that superimposes modulating nerve activity onto afferent nerves at the middle phalanx of a finger is described.(More)
Inspection and maintenance are extremely important to maintain safety and long-term usability of bridges. This application requires a robot that is able to maneuver in a complex 3D environment and to stabilize on steel surfaces to perform bolts checking. We propose a novel design and concept of hybrid (integrated walkability and flyability) robot for steel(More)
A photomosaic is a type of decorative art made up from various other photographs. We present a method for quickly generating photomosaics and propose an interactive recursive photomosaic system. Users can operate the system by using a large display with a touch input function, which allows them to alter the appearance of the image dynamically.
This paper proposes a method for estimating the surface of transparent objects based on light field convergency. The light field convergency represents the degree of convergence of the light field at each point. The proposed method utilizes local photo consistency, which is one of characteristics of the light field convergency. Around a boundary contour, a(More)
In this paper, we propose the CCDR-PAID algorithm which is a technique to improve CPU cache utilization of sequential pattern mining more efficiently as an extension of existing CC-PAID which is our previous work. Compared to PAID, CC-PAID improves temporal locality by changing the access pattern to data structures and processing multiple sequential(More)