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Tablet PCs and smartphones rapidly become popular nowadays. People can touch objects on the touch panel display of the tablet PC or smartphone, but only get sensation of touching the surface of the display. Recently, some systems capable of inserting themselves into the display by using retractable stylus have been proposed. <i>Beyond</i> [Lee and Ishii(More)
A photomosaic is a type of decorative art made up from various other photographs. We present a method for quickly generating photomosaics and propose an interactive recursive photomosaic system. Users can operate the system by using a large display with a touch input function, which allows them to alter the appearance of the image dynamically.
This study proposes a method to estimate elastic deformation using silhouettes obtained from multiple endoscopic images. Our method can estimate the intraoperative deformation of organs using a volumetric mesh model reconstructed from preoperative CT data. We use this elastic body silhouette information of elastic bodies not to model the shape but to(More)
This paper describes a novel game system which provides multiple players with a sense of touching fire with their own hands. Players in this game are divided into two teams in front of a wall-type flat display and try to score points by grounding a fireball on the other team's court like volleyball. The players can recognize their contacts with the fireball(More)
In this paper, we present a roughness modulation technique that employs electrotactile augmentation to alter material texture perception , which is conducted through mechanically unconstrained touch. A novel electrotactile augmented reality system that superimposes modulating nerve activity onto afferent nerves at the middle phalanx of a finger is(More)
Drone navigation in complex environments poses many problems to teleoperators. Especially in 3D structures like buildings or tunnels, viewpoints are often limited to the drone's current camera view, nearby objects can be collision hazards, and frequent occlusion can hinder accurate manipulation. To address these issues, we have developed a novel interface(More)
The animation of such granular material as sand and grain is difficult to render in computer graphics. There are no standard methods for modeling their motions, because their non-linear behavior, which is ruled by the loss of energy, occurs when the discrete particles collide. Therefore, methods for rendering granular materials have not been studied widely.(More)