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Crystalline lens changes in porcine eyes with implanted phakic IOL (ICL) with a central hole
BackgroundWe calculated the smallest diameter of a hole in the center of the optic at which the optical character of a phakic IOL (ICL) may be maintained. The changes induced in the aqueous humorExpand
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Changes in the crystalline lens resulting from insertion of a phakic IOL (ICL) into the porcine eye
BackgroundInsertion of a phakic IOL offers these advantages: the corneal optical zone is not dissected or resected; preservation of the crystalline lens results in preservation of the accommodationExpand
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Collisional destruction experiment of chondrules and formation of fragments in the solar nebula
Collisional destruction experiments with chondrules from the Allende CV3 chondrite were performed over a range of velocities (10 m/s to 76 m/s). Electron microscopy shows that two types of chondrulesExpand
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Attenuated Total Reflection of the Rubidium D2 Line in Optically Dense Vapor
Absorption spectrum of the evanescent light at a glass/Rb vapor interface has been observed with atom density from 9 ×10 19 m -3 to 5 ×10 20 m -3 . Absorption is as high as 60% at the peak of a hyp...
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