Yuuki Hoshino

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Sensibility-aware image retrieval methods are presented and their performances are compared. Three systems are discussed in this paper: PCA/ICA-based method called RIM (Retrieval-aware IMage format), JPEG, and JPEG2000. In each case, a query is an image per se. Similar images are retrieved to this query. The RIM method is judged to be the best settlement in(More)
New methods for joint compression and Image-to-image retrieval (12I retrieval) are presented. The novelty exists in the usage of computationally learned image bases besides color distributions. The bases are obtained by the Principal Component Analysis and/or the Independent Component Analysis. On the image compression, PCA and ICA outperform the JPEG's DCT(More)
Image-to-image retrieval (I2I) accompanied by data compression are presented. Given a query image, the presented retrieval system computes PCA and/or ICA bases by extracting source information. On the data compression in the sense of rate-distortion, this method outperforms JPEG which uses DCT. Besides, PCA and ICA bases reflect each imagepsilas edge and(More)
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