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Bats are natural hosts of many zoonotic viruses. Monitoring bat viruses is important to detect novel bat-borne infectious diseases. In this study, next generation sequencing techniques and conventional PCR were used to analyze intestine, lung, and blood clot samples collected from wild bats captured at three locations in Davao region, in the Philippines in(More)
Chronic treatment of rats with haloperidol decanoate (30 mg/kg and 100 mg/kg IM every 4 weeks for 52 weeks) increased [3H] SCH 23390 binding in striatal membranes by 25% and 50% and in frontal cortical membranes by 56% and 125% in 30 and 100 mg/kg haloperidol treatment groups, respectively. These increases in [3H] SCH 23390 binding to the membranes were(More)
It appears that several components function in a spirit of integrated cooperation toward the intracellular regulation of neurotransmitter responsiveness. We have demonstrated that cytoskeletal proteins might interact with GNs and that GNs and GNi might interact with one another. At this juncture, it appears that both of these phenomena might occur only in(More)
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