Yuuki Fukuzaki

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The authors have been developing the system, which analyzes pedestrian flow using Wi-Fi packet sensors. The sensors collect Wi-Fi packet called probe request packet, which is transmitted from a smartphone to search Wi-Fi access points. In addition, the cloud storage server is running to manage observed packets centrally and to compute pedestrian flow in(More)
Pedestrian ow analysis using Wi-Fi packet sensors can easily collect the movement trajectories of individuals, has a high-resolution sensing ability, and is well suited to indoor operations. Thus it is regarded as one of the promising sensing technologies for Smart Cities targeting a variety of applications such as disaster prevention, the planning of(More)
Recently mobile base stations are getting increased, which is considered harmful for the Wi-Fi positioning methods. In this paper, three approaches for detecting Wi-Fi base station behaviors inappropriate for Wi-Fi signature sampling are introduced and their performance evaluations are presented. First approach is for outdoor environment using GPS or Wi-Fi,(More)
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