Yuuichiro Kume

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This study investigated changes in autonomic nervous activities due to psychological stress in Type A females. Eight Type A and eight Type B females performed a psychomotor task for 30 minutes. Power spectral analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) was used to examine the autonomic nervous activities. Results showed the low frequency (LF) component and(More)
Incoherent pattern detection by a simple imaging system using a liquid-crystal active lens is proposed. The imaging system works as a spatial filtering system with a rewritable phase-only filter. We found that, in the incoherent matched filtering system, a conventional phase-only filter has a higher optical efficiency but a lower pattern discrimination than(More)
SKIy SENSATION elicited by electrical stimulation has been investigated in the past to develop an information transmission channel from machine to man. Electrocutaneous stimulation has been applied to sensory feedback system of an artificial arm, a sound detector, a visual substitution system and other rehabilitation apparatus (SZETO and SAUNDERS, 1982). A(More)
Research of virtual surgical operations has advanced in recent years based on virtual reality technology. One basic operation is virtual cutting simulation. In order to realize the virtual cutting, there are two types of research, i.e. using a voxel model and a polygonal model.The voxel model expresses volume and is made by a small cube size. The polygonal(More)
Aims. In order to determine the indications of transoral surgery for a tumor located at the pharyngoesophageal junction, the trumpet maneuver with transnasal endoscopy was used. Its efficacy is reported here. Material and Methods. An 88-year-old woman complaining of dysphagia, diagnosed with cervical esophageal cancer, and hoping to preserve her voice and(More)
  • Y Kume, H Ohzu
  • 1982
The transmission of sequentially discrete coding signals such as Morse Code from machines to human beings by means of skin sensation was tested by electrical stimulation of skin. Here, the temporal response of skin sensation to electrical stimulation of skin is a very important factor. In this study, the temporal characteristics of skin sensation when(More)
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