Yuuichi Furuki

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To investigate the effect of discontinuity of 1-D pinning centers on the flux pinning in a wide range of magnetic field directions, discontinuous columnar defects (CDs) and continuous CDs were formed in GdBCO coated conductors using Xe-ion irradiations with 80 and 270 MeV, respectively. An overall shift upward in J<sub>c</sub>, for the 80-MeV-irradiated(More)
To investigate whether one-dimensional pinning centers can attain the isotropic critical current density <formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">$(J_{\rm c})$</tex></formula> properties, columnar defects (CDs) crossing at widespread angles were installed by heavy-ion irradiation into YBCO thin films. For the sample containing the CDs crossing at(More)
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