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This paper proposes a novel decision tree for a data set with time-series attributes. Our time-series tree has a value (i.e. a time sequence) of a time-series attribute in its internal node, and splits examples based on dissimilarity between a pair of time sequences. Our method selects, for a split test, a time sequence which exists in data by exhaustive(More)
This paper proposes the parallel testing of cores with multiple scan chains using the test vector overlapping for reduction of SoC testing cost. Unlike conventional scan architecture for SoC testing, by introducing multiple scan chain cores, our method can reduce the test application time without increasing the number of I/O pins used in testing, and reduce(More)
This article investigates whether a fuzzy set approach to the natural language syntactic analysis can support information retrieval systems. It concentrates on a web search since the internet becomes a vast resource of information. In addition, this article presents a module of syntax analysis of TORCH project where the fuzzy set disambiguation has been(More)