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The Japanese-french FP3C (Framework and Programming for Post-Petascale Computing) Project ANR/JST-2010-JTIC-003 aims at studying the software technologies, languages and programming models on the road to exascale computing. The ability to efficiency exploit these future systems is challenging because of their ultra large-scale and highly hierarchical(More)
The paper describes a method to extract navigational information from link structure in Blogosphere such as Everything2. The purpose of the method is to support readers of weblogs in selecting hyperlinks from scattered anchor texts in the web pages by providing navigational information. The navigational information consists of hyperlinks that are organized(More)
Clusters composed of fast personal computers are now w ell established as cheap and eecient platforms for distributed and parallel applications. The main drawback of a standard NOWs is the poor performance of the standard inter-process communication mechanisms based on RPC, sockets, TCPPIP, Ethernet. Such standard communication mechanisms perform poorly(More)
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