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— This paper presents the concepts, issues on development , and future perspectives of a novel musculoskeletal humanoid 'Kotaro.' The specifications and advantages of Kotaro include muscle-driven endoskeletal structure, multiple degrees of freedom, variable physical softness, the multiple-joint spine, easily configurable muscles, distributed onbody(More)
— We have been promoting a project of musculoskele-tal humanoids. The project aims at the long-term goal of human-symbiotic robots as well as the mid-term goal of necessary design and control concepts for musculoskeletal robots. This paper presents the concepts and aim of the project and also shows the outline of our latest results about development of new(More)
— We have been studying about muscle-tendon spined humanoid robots for aiming a novel humanoid robot that has modifiable mechanical flexibility, safety and wide variety of postures. This paper describes a new concept of reinforceable-muscle humanoid and the development of a new musculo-skeletal humanoid robot named " Kenji " that is a prototype(More)
— The high power ability of humanoid is desired for application of nursing or running or jumping motions. Achievement of the actuator of light and powerful equivalent to humans is required. In this paper, we propose a method to extract inherent performance from motors by an active temperature control. The method safely improves the output of motors. The(More)