Yuto Kuwasako

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The size 2, 3 and 4 laryngeal masks (LM) were used in 50 patients having various types of clinical anesthesia. We measured the airway pressure at which gas leak occurred during the use of the LM. We compared the time taken to obtain clear airway, when patients were receiving 4.5 or 6 l.min-1 fresh flow by anesthetic machines. We compared the changes of(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, in the field of general anesthesia, balanced anesthesia in combination with analgesic, hypnotic, and muscle relaxant is commonly used. Remifentanil is the standard analgesic used in balanced anesthesia, and has contributed greatly to reduce the physical stress of the patient during surgery. We compared the stress response suppression(More)
We have examined effects of the volume of the reservoir bag and the amount of fresh gas flow (FGF) on FRC during CPAP with PEEP level of 8 or 11 cmH2O. We used reservoir bags of 4 different volumes (5, 10, 15, 20l). We set up the air way pressure graduation between inspiration and expiration (delta P) by adjusting FGF rate, then we measured delta FRC and(More)
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