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We investigated spontaneous changes in the cerebral oxygenation state of infants during quiet sleeping by using a form of multi-channel near-infrared spectroscopy: non-invasive optical topography. Eight infants born at 32-39 weeks were studied at postconceptional term age (38-43 weeks). Spatially synchronized oscillations of changes in the concentration of(More)
— We would like to present the usability of High-Density surface EMG (HD-sEMG) recording for measurement of neuromuscular activities. In this mini-symposium, how to use HD-sEMG recording for physiological and morphological measurements will be shown. Particularly, significance of " dry " conditions will be mentioned. In recent years, multi-channel surface(More)
The myoelectric signal (EMG) recorded on the skin surface is a time-related and spatial aggregate of the action potentials of motor units of skeletal muscle, and it indicates the input information for muscle contraction. The mechano-myographic signal (MMG) is a vibration of skin/muscle surface caused by muscle contraction and it directly reflects the(More)
The artificial hand controlled in myoelectric signal is referred to the myoelectric hand. The myoelectric hand controls a switching action of terminal device by changing the voltage of EMG signal generated by the contraction of the muscle remaining upper limb stump. Two signals are necessary to control of switching action. It takes a long time to determine(More)
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