Yuto Ishida

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In recent years, speech dialogue systems have de-veloped remarkably. This university has developed and publishedthe "MMDAgent" voice interaction system toolkit as open source software. MMDAgent uses "Julius" and "HTS" for speech recognition and speech synthesis. Its expressive agent comprises these combined with 3-D CG rendering module. As an example of MMD(More)
In recent years, EC1 sites that deal with variousgoods have increased along with the spread of the internet. Furthermore, the development and introduction of a recommendationsystem that presents a "recommended item" to a userare presented. Now, almost no recommendation systems presenta concrete reason for recommendations. Thereby, selection byperformance is(More)
Purpose – In recent years, Electronic Commerce (EC) sites deal in various goods and services have increased along with internet popularity. Now, very few EC recommendation systems present a concrete reason for their recommendations. Therefore, since user preferences strongly influence outcomes, evaluation and selection is difficult for items such as books,(More)
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