Yuting Cheng

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We present CarSafe, the first driver safety application that uses dual cameras on smartphones to detect and alert drivers to dangerous driving conditions. CarSafe fuses events detected from cameras and readings from embedded sensors on the phone -- such as the GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope -- to detect and alert the driver of dangerous driving behavior(More)
Sulfate aerosols exert profound impacts on human and ecosystem health, weather, and climate, but their formation mechanism remains uncertain. Atmospheric models consistently underpredict sulfate levels under diverse environmental conditions. From atmospheric measurements in two Chinese megacities and complementary laboratory experiments, we show that the(More)
Wireless communication systems are becoming essential to everyday life. Modern network deployments and protocols are struggling to keep up with these growing demands, due to interference between devices. The recent discovery of interference alignment has shown that, in principle, it may be possible to overcome this interference bottleneck in dense networks.(More)
PM10 aerosols from the summit of Mt. Hua (2060 m a.s.l) in central China during the winter and summer of 2009 were analyzed for dicarboxylic acids, ketocarboxylic acids and α-dicarbonyls. Molecular composition of dicarboxylic acids (C2-C11) in the free tropospheric aerosols reveals that oxalic acid (C2, 399 ± 261 ng m(-3) in winter and 522 ± 261 ng m(-3) in(More)
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